This blog was initially set up as a means of communicating with my son's team. Since then, I've heard from other parents with similar stories. If you are living with challenges or journeying alongside someone who is, you are not alone. There are many of us. I'm a single adoptive Mom ( of a young man who lives with many abilities and many diagnoses. We have journeyed together through many challenges and a few adventures over the years as my son has tried to find space in this world that makes him feel more comfortable, an attempt made especially difficult when living with Attachment Disorder, PDD-NOS (Autism), Developmental Coordination Disorder, ADHD, prenatal substance exposure, etc. Some of the strongest elements used in this journey have been music, visual arts, therapeutic parenting, team-connection, boundary-setting, boundary-setting, boundary-setting, communication skills, community-building, continual lifeskills training, and elements of Theraplay. (Click here for some written resources.) On this journey, there is laughter and tears and growth and hope. The greatest of these is hope.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Chef's regular chore requirement is one chore a day plus a weekend chore. If Chef does not complete a chore, the chore will still need to be done even if that means he does it the next day in addition to his chore for the next day.

If Chef needs to provide restitution for an item stolen or damaged, he has the opportunity to earn money through extra chores. If he chooses not to do so, the wording shifts to him being grounded for a set amount of time until he has done chores for that set amount of time. This is always a tricky area because Chef detests doing chores. He detests them even more if they are for restitution, and will often add to his misery by making more bad choices.

Regular Chores
-Kitchen (dishes, clean counters, stove, wipe fridge handle, sweep floor)
-Upstairs bathroom (sink area, counter, bath area, toilet, floor)
-Downstairs washroom (sink area, mirror, toilet, floor)
-Hallway/Front entrance (sweep floor)
-Clean Upstairs Hallway and Stairs

Weekend Chores
-Clean downstairs floors (kitchen, washroom, hallway, entrance - we live in a small house)
-Vacuum living room

Chef's Regular Weekend Responsibilities
-His own laundry (right now, he is also in charge of doing the teatowels since he started going through all the teatowels for a few dishes and would then say he couldn't finish the dishes because he ran out of teatowels)
-Preparing his school lunches for the week
-Cleaning his room (this one rarely happens, and has never ever happened without issue)

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